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In-House Testing

Adrenal Stress Koenisburg's Test

With a urine sample, we will identify the state of your adrenal gland function. Identify the Stress State that you are in to correct for an over- or under-active adrenal gland. At at cost of $15, it is the easiest way to identify your cortisol output.

Zinc Tally Test

Zinc is an essential nutrient for a healthy immune system. Do you have enough? We offer a simple taste test that will identify your Zinc status.

Indican - Bowel Toxicity Test

How well do you digest? Are you absorbing nutritionally optimally? What is the state of your gut bacteria health? The Indican test can identify the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your gut through a urine sample. We use this test to evaluate the healing of your digestive tract over time.

Sulkowitch Test - Calcium Levels

Calcium supplementation is typically reserved for individuals with osteoporosis/osteopenia. Are you getting enough? Or are you someone getting too much? The Sulkowitch test via urine will let us know.

Chem 10 - Urine Dipstick

We offer the Chem10 Urine Screen which identifies the presence of infection, blood, glucose in the urine. It identifies specific gravity and various immune markers to help make sure you're healthy.

New Tests Coming Soon

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