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Lab Testing

We offer In-house and specialized lab tests that identify key elements of your health.

Check Out Our Different Types of Lab Testing

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Comprehensive Hormone Insights

The CHI Test offers the most recent advancement in hormonal metabolite assessment. Both for Male and Female Hormonal Imbalances, Stress markers and nutritional deficiency.


45 genes are tested that influence weight management, nutrient metabolism, cardiovascular health, diabetes risk, eating habits , food intolerances (gluten & lactose), and even physical performance and injury risk.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food is Medicine. Some foods however do not agree with your physiology. Whether through genetics, digestive health or immune dysfunction - certain foods can cause more harm than good. Through a blood test, identify your antibodies to food proteins and we can customize a diet right for you.

In-House Testing

In-house lab tests offer both our patients and our practitioners instant feedback on their health. Mineral deficiency, digestive disorders, adrenal stress dysfunction, body composition are just some of the simple yet informative tests we offer.

Our Services

Initial Consultation
Up to 75 Minutes
Follow-Up Appointments
Up to 30 Minutes
Second Visit
Up to 45 Minutes
Acute Visit / E-mails / Phone Calls
Up to 15 minutes

These fees are for Consultation or Visits with our Naturopathic Doctors on all platforms, including In-Clinic, Virtual and Phone Call. Naturopathic Consultations are HST exempt.

*All Tests and Supplements are additional costs. For patients not seen in over a year, you will be assessed as a new patient.

Our Health Professionals

Dr. Maria Granzotto
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Maria Granzotto has always been very passionate and fascinated with health and human anatomy from a very young age, She always wanted to become a doctor, so as to help others feel their happiest and healthiest. She devoted herself immensely to her studies, always graduating with accolades, awards (especially in fitness, athletics and physical education) and honors, in every level of education. ...

Dr. Jason Granzotto
Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jason Granzotto ND graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2007 and has been practicing in Vaughan for over 12 years. His philosophy of medicine is focused on returning balance to the body through natural means and allowing the body to heal and regulate it self.

Diet is key – as we are all different – we should know how food affects us in a very specific ...

They are very professional and genuine. Elegant clinic. Very positive energy when you walk in. Effective treatments. I always leave feeling better.

They are very professional and genuine. Elegant clinic. Very positive energy when you walk in. Effective treatments. I always leave feeling better.
Highly recommended! Booking is easy and I appreciate the appointment reminders. Clean and bright clinic with easy parking.

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