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Registered Physiotherapist

Nicole Liolios

Nicole is a Registered Kinesiologist who specializes in human movement. Her mission is to help people from all walks of life learn to move well and achieve their health and wellness goals through unique programming and care.

Nicole Liolios

Nicole has completed extensive education at the University of Toronto including her Master of Science in Physiotherapy, Master of Professional Kinesiology and Bachelor of Kinesiology. Prior to pursuing Physiotherapy, Nicole’s journey began in the fitness industry where she spent 8 years working in a number of settings. She worked with industry giants like Nike, earning recognition as one of Toronto’s top fitness trainers. She also gathered experience providing strength, conditioning and mobility training among a variety of populations including athletes, pre/post-natal, elders and the general population.

Driven by a desire to provide more comprehensive care, Nicole transitioned into a clinical setting, working as a Registered Kinesiologist. This experience solidified her passion for rehabilitation and propelled her to pursue a career in Physiotherapy. Today, Nicole strives to combine her extensive knowledge of movement with her genuine care for people. At the core of Nicole’s practice is a person-centred approach. She recognizes that each patient is unique and collaborates with them to establish treatment plans that align with their individual goals. Nicole combines manual therapy, movement and education as primary methods of treatment.

Nicole is keen on keeping herself updated with the latest evidence in healthcare by avidly reading, listening to podcasts, and enrolling in courses. She is currently a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Orthopaedic Division. Nicole plans to continue to add to her toolbox by taking courses in advanced manual therapy, pelvic health, acupuncture and dry needling.

Outside of the clinic, Nicole is an advocate for an active lifestyle, engaging in activities such as strength training, running, pilates and soccer. Recently, she even embraced the challenge of golf. Her other interests include doing outdoor activities at the cottage and spending time with friends and family.