Order your Supplements Online

Apr 21

To encourage social distancing and minimizing trips to busy stores we are offering through our website online supplement orders. Whether you are new to ordering online or you are already comfortable with the process, we are here to make it easy.

We currently have two stores for you to choose from – Fullscript and Metagenics. Fullscript has hundreds of brands and fast shipping. Metagenics is a premier tier product line and if you love their products, they are available to you through our portal.

Both of these stores are available through our website, by clicking on SHOP in the banner.  Select your store and login/register with the site when prompted.  Search for you product and the process explains itself.

I highly recommend that if you are concerned about refilling your supplements or feel the need for a change, please do contact us. Dr. Jason Granzotto ND is available for phone or video conferencing to discuss your health care. Book an appointment via our email – [email protected] or call us directly at (416) 805-1771.