Thermography - True Innovation in Prevention

Nov 6

Medical thermography is a burgeoning modality in health care.  Once considered fringe science – it is now for many a preferred diagnostic tool for identifying inflammatory processes in the body – the cause of most disease.

As demand for an alternative to breast mammograms rose – women have sought a complimentary test to help monitor changes in their breast health over time.  Thermography has proven to be not only beneficial for monitoring breast health but overall health for men and women alike.

Our current medical system has unfortunately focused primarily on reactive care – reacting to a disease once it has become present and problematic.  Alternative care encourages prevention as well as treatment.  So many diagnostic tools that medical professionals use focuses on identifying a disease state.  Too few tests identify a potential for disease or precursors to disease.

Under the right care – a health care practitioner can use Thermography as an essential tool in prevention and corrective medicine.  The patient no longer has be fearful of possible diagnosis that came ‘out-of-the-blue’ – rather we can see what’s potentially coming from a mile away and respond accordingly.