Wellness During and After COVID19

Much of 2020 has been about staying safe. Staying safe should not be our end-goal. We should focus on being Well, instead of being afraid to get sick.

Aug 11

Wellness is feeling good, motivated, energized, optimistic about the future and excited to start new challenges.  Quarantine can erode these goals – it is very understandable.  But how do you start rebuilding?

First off – eat healthy.  Most people are not experts in nutrition – but most of us know what we shouldn’t not be eating, or at least minimizing.  Junk foods, fried foods, overly processed foods, high sugar foods/desserts, etc; maybe these should be avoided or just enjoyed sparingly.  You cannot go wrong with vegetables, some fruit and good sources of protein.  Carbs are ok but complex forms are better.

Secondly – Sleep.  A pattern I noticed with my patients is that during lockdown they were going to bed later, waking up later and their sleep hygiene went out the window.  Waking up late daily will dry up your drive to do something special each day.  Things get put off to tomorrow (or the day/week after).  Bite the bullet, get to bed earlier and wake up earlier.  You will feel refreshed, well rested and with more drive to accomplish what you’ve pushed off.

Lastly for now – Your Checkups.  You probably have had your physicals delayed, your dental visits rescheduled and when was the last time you saw your massage therapist, chiropractor or Naturopath?  With social-distancing, COVID screening and heightened hygiene protocols – health centres are safer and more inviting than they have ever been.  Plus – with everyone focusing on spreading disease – it makes sense to make sure you are as healthy as can be.

Let’s use 2020 as an opportunity to look inward, reviewing our health, what we need to thrive and to start doing it.  Tri-Health is here to help.